piątek, 20 czerwca 2014

Wyciekła pierwsza zapowiedź na październik

Parę dni po opublikowaniu oficjalnych zapowiedzi na wrzesień, poznaliśmy tytuł pierwszego komiksu, który zadebiutuje w ofercie Image Comics w październiku. Będzie to "Goners" autorstwa Jacoba Sehmana (scenariusz) oraz Jorge Corony (rysunki). Ten pierwszy znany jest z pracy przy serialu animowanym "Ultimate Spider-Man". Poniżej znajdziecie okładkę oraz dość długą zapowiedź.
A world famous family of paranormal detectives are systematically hunted by the very horrors they investigate.

It’s The Goonies meets Hellboy, as the Latimer Family–a centuries old familial line of paranormal hunters–find themselves at the bottom of the supernatural food chain. Endlessly pursued and with faces as famous as Mount Rushmore, Goners brings non-stop action and horror. An adventure film feel with the guts of a Hershel Gordon Lewis flick, Goners is not your typical horror title, but the story of a clan trying to ultimately find a place to call “home.”

A world just left-of-center to our own, the appeal of Latimer is how grounded it is. In an age where we Follow, Like, Tweet, Instagram, and reality program every waking moment of celebutante’s lives — the Latimers are no different. Blending the idea of a famous family, hunted to the ends of the earth for crimes unknown, and the children left behind to piece together the sins of the father… all while caught by the endless speculation of a 24-hour news cycle; An easy to understand format for all, from teens-twenties-and-other.

A brother and sister, pursued by monsters… must solve the murder of their parents.

THE PITCH: A world, where the mythical co-exist with humanity, offers an alternative history where wars, civil rights, and scientific innovation are shown through a warped supernatural mirror. From the colonization of Roanoke to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Latimer Family through the centuries have been the famous first line of defense against all that go bump in the night. The modern day progenitor, Raleigh Latimer and wife, Evelyn Latimer have turned the family tradition into a profitable brand. Selling life rights and starring in their own reality show, the Latimers have found a way to fund their endeavors against those that would try to overthrow humanity. But on a routine case, Raleigh and Evelyn are murdered on live television, while their children, Josiah and Zoe, are left helpless to watch. With a widening power vacuum, devils and opportunists alike, hunt the ill-prepared child detectives for a sound byte or simply… a chomp.

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